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With three noted exceptions, these are true heroes who fought and survived the tragic 1977 Honda Canyon wildfire.  Without exception, they all carried forward the lessons learned for the benefit and safety of the fire community that has since followed. Augmentee Films LLC is forever grateful to all, for their telling their true stories of tragedy and heroism for our documentary film.

--Dennis R. Ford, Executive Producer




Reserve Firefighter, Santa Barbara County Fire Department.


As part of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department Strike Team, Valencia arrives early in the fire.  Quickly, he becomes 

involved in two fire entrapments and rescues. That night he fought the fire on Tranquillon Ridge and Space Launch Complex Six. Partner-producer-technical consultant to Augmentee Films LLC and Firestorm '77:

The Honda Canyon Fire, and author, Beyond Tranquillon Ridge--December 20-21,1977--The

Climatic Ending to a California Fire Season, upon which the documentary is adapted.

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